A Necessity for ALL Artists

In The music business, visibility is everything. Building awareness for your brand is done by marketing. Marketing can be done physically as well as online. With digital sales rising and accounting for more than half of total music sales, digital marketing has become increasingly necessary. The high costs of these services prevents many independent artists from enjoying the same opportunities given to the major artists.

UGF Digital, backed by the marketing power of UGF Entertainment and Sony Music, are able to provide these very necessary marketing tools for far below average prices.

Some of the marketing services we are able to provide are:


We are able to send your music to up to 30,000 digital radio stations. We guarantee you spins within 90 days or your money will be refunded.       (Starting at $250)


Social media has become increasingly popular over the years. Facebook and YouTube are the 2nd and 3rd most visited sites in the world (Google is #1).       (Starting at $50


Search Engine Optimization is very important in building brand visibility. You need good search engine placement. We can help get you the proper awareness.       (Starting at $50)


We work with several national music-based magazines and can get you the placement you need.       (Starting at $200)


YouTube is the 3rd most visited website in the world (behind Google and Facebook). You don't need anyone to upload your videos to YouTube, that is something you can do for yourself. What we are able to do though, is help market your videos on YouTube (as well as a dozen of other video sites), thoughu advertisements (on both your videos, as well as videos by others who have used your music in their own videos).       ($70)


When you go to social network sites, music sites and news sites, you often notice advertisements above or to the side of the screen. These are paid advertisements, and are an effective part of marketing. Through deals we have in place with various companies, we are able to provide ads on many online sites (including Facebook, AOL, Google and more) at a fraction of the cost you would spend doing it on your own. For the artist, it allows you to focus on what you do best: Being An Artist.       (Starting at $50)


Ever saw a McDonalds sign while driving on the highway and felt the urge to get off at the next exit and grab some? Billboards, subways, newspapers, radio and television commercials are very necessary components of marketing. It is a myth that you must be a major artist/label to have access to these. UGF Digital has all the access you need to develop the perfect marketing campaign.                   (Starting at $1,000/month)


We work with some of the best graphic designers in the world. Don't settle for low quality, let us help give you the proper look.       (Starting at $50)


We have in-house producers and also work with major producers from around the world and can get you the sound you need for your next hit.Our producers have worked with the biggest names in music, including Rick Ross, Big Perm, DJ Khaled, Lavish, Ace Hood, Nizzy, Shawnna, SINcere, Kuntry King, Blood Raw and more.       

(Starting at $50 for leases and $300 for full rights)