Frequently Asked Questions

Q. How many digital stores do you distribute to?
Our entire network consists of approximately 800 stores. These may include 1 store in multiple countries. All stores would not be appropriate for all titles (i.e. We wouldn't submit a hip-hop album to a store that only sells heavy metal music). Some of the stores we distribute to include: iTunes, Amazon, Google Play, Spotify, Rhapsody/Best Buy, Juno, Deezer, Last FM, Medianet, Nokia and Virgin Mobile. For music videos we distribute to YouTube, iTunes, Vevo, Hulu, Daily Motion and more.

Q. Once I have uploaded and sent all of the required information, how long will it take for my music to become available?
With expedited service you could see your release available on iTunes and Amazon in 1 to 2 weeks, sometimes within 48 hours. However, traditionally most stores have an ingestion period that can range from days to months, typically 6 weeks. If no release date is confirmed your title may show up on some sites in a matter of days while other sites may not carry it for 6 to 12 weeks. With a release date set at least 4 weeks in the future we will be able to have your release available on your intended release date.

Q. How many countries do you distribute to?
Approx. 190 countries.

Q. Can I pick and choose which stores I release my project to?
Yes. If you only hold rights to your music in certain territories let us know upfront and we will make sure that your release is only made available in the territories and stores that you want.

Q. Is there a take down fee if I no longer want my release available for sale?
Do to the fact that this process is manual we will charge a $50 takedown fee if you no longer wish for us to carry your release.

Q. Do I keep the rights to my music?
You keep 100% of your rights.

Q. Will I get paid for streams?
Yes. We collect advertisement revenue from streaming sites such as YouTube, Spotify and Deezer.

Q. Will my release be eligible for Billboard chart placement?
Yes. We register all releases with Nielsen SoundScan, who tracks sales figures and reports these figures to Billboard.

Q. Do you offer physical distribution?
Yes, to artists/labels with multiple titles in their catalog who have a substantial sales history and available funds for co-op advertising. Physical distribution can be arranged with partners Select-O-Hits, TVT, Super D and other independent and indie-major distributors that we have agreements with.

Q. Whats makes your company different than aggregators like Tunecore and CD Baby?
A good majority of the popular digital aggregators are simply "middle men". They get your music into the digital stores they partner with and then sit back and collect a yearly fee. Many don't offer additional services and don't have much expertise outside of distribution. UGF Digital is a service of UGF Entertainment, formed in 1997 as a record label. In 2003 the label began offering distribution, publishing and management. Our backgrounds in a multitude of fields allow us to offer services far beyond that of a traditional digital aggregator or distributor.

Q. With your On-Demand service will my CD's be replicated or duplicated?
Duplicated. If you are looking looking for replication services for quantities over 1,000 (units) we can secure you those services at some of the lowest prices in the industry.

Q. Do you deal with video production?
UGF Entertainment is a full scale entertainment company covering any services that an artist or label may need. If you are in need of a video director we can refer you to some of the best in the business.

Q. Is UGF Entertainment strictly a distributor?
UGF Entertainment, Inc. consists of a record label, management company, publishing administration company and distribution company.

Q. Where are you located?
We are headquartered in the heart of Michigan, it's capital city, Lansing. Lansing is located in the center of 3 of the biggest markets in the mid-west, Detroit, MI, Flint, MI and Grand Rapids, MI. We also have Client Service Reps located in South Carolina and New York.

Q. Can I contact UGF Digital via telephone?
No. We receive far too many inquiries daily. As with any of the other digital distributors and aggregators, as well as most major recording companies, accepting telephone calls would require the use of a call center. Call centers have proven to not be the most reliable mechanism when dealing with potential clients.

Q. Can I use the UGF logo on my artwork or advertisement material?
A. All UGF logos, including UGF Entertainment, UGF Digital, Get Discovered Here and Music Blast Global are owned by UGF Entertainment. Unauthorized usage is not permitted.

Q. Can I provide my own UPC or ISRC Numbers?
A. Yes

Q. I've decided I want UGF Entertainment to distribute my title(s), how do I proceed?
You can email us at for more information.


Committed To the Independent Artist & Label. 
Originally established in 1997 as indie label UnderGround Family Entertainment, the label was reorganized as UGF Entertainment, Inc. in 2001 and entered the digital world of distribution in 2003, From 2003 to 2009 UGF Entertainment provided digital services solely to it's roster of artists and labels. In 2009 UGF Digital was created to provide digital services to artists and labels that were not on UGF Entertainment's roster. Since it's inception the company has remained dedicated to representing and releasing only the best in music.

Over the last 13 years UGF Entertainment has continued to grow, creating new avenues for artists, providing tour support, management and publishing duties and has remained a recognized name in the business. As a recording company, having released material from artists Sean B & L. Griffsta, Kwin MD, DJ WHO, Michael Warner, Platinum Status, SouthAve, SouthSide Deli, Royal Family, Christian Nelson and Nizzy, as well as establishing subsidiary labels Mad Flavor Entertainment, Made Music Entertainment, OutSpoken Records and Black Rose Entertainment before entering the digital distribution field , UGF has grown into a multifaceted entity, providing Any service an artist or label may need.

UGF has been afforded deals over the years with the largest independent distrubutors in the industry, Alliance Entertainment Corp., Bayside Entertainment (owned by Tower Records), Select-O-Hits and Sony BMG's distribution arm, RED Distribution. It was these distribution powerhouses, along with former business management firm, Raptor Entertainment Group, that equipped UGF with knowledge of the digital industry and lead to the birth of UGF Digital. Having already established relationships with the retailers over the last decade allows for greater bargaining power for UGF's artists and labels. It is because of that greater bargaining power that we are able to provide you with premuim services, not offered by other companies. UGF Digital will continue the UGF tradition of being committed to its network of affiliated artists and labels. We will continue to make new partnerships and offer promotions (some at no cost) that will help the independent artist compete on a more equal playing field as the majors. Our current deal with Sony Music/The Orchard adds to our already extensive network of digital stores and services, providing artists major label services at UnderGround prices.